Languages of the World



1. How many human languages are currently spoken? [Click for answer]

2. What language indigenous to the Western Hemisphere currently has 
	the largest number of speakers?  [Click for answer]

3. Given 'verb', 'subject', and 'object', what is the normal order in 
	English?  [Click for answer]
	In Japanese?  [Click for answer]

4. What language was spoken in the area around Houston at the time of 
	Columbus?  [Click for answer]

5. What is the national language of the Philippines?  [Click for answer]

6. What kind of language is it that attaches multiple affixes to the 
	verb as in the following example from Mohawk?  [Click for answer]

	[contrastive-translocative-aorist-masculine singular agent
	'He drank it right down'

7. What family of languages does Mohawk belong to?  [Click for answer]

8. How many indigenous languages may have been spoken in the Western 
	Hemisphere in 1492?  [Click for answer]

9. How many indigenous languages are spoken today in the Western 
	Hemisphere?  [Click for answer]

10. How many languages were spoken in North America in 1492  [Click for answer] 
	& how many today?[Click for answer]

11. How many  indigenous languages currently spoken in North America have 
      < 100 speakers? [Click for answer] <1000? [Click for answer]