Listed below are some

recent dissertations

which I have directed




Baek, Mihyun. 1997. The Korean I-affix: A functional approach. Degree awarded: 10 May, 1997. Dissertation published 1998.

Baker, John W. 1994. Determinacy and Participant Formation: De Marmore Angeli. Degree awarded: 7 May, 1994. Recipient of the John W. Gardner Award in Humanities and Social Sciences for the best and most original dissertation for the academic year 1993-1994.

Félix, Rolando.Ý 2006. A Grammar of River Warihío. Degree awarded: 13 May, 2006.

Filtchenko, Andrei. 2007. A Grammar of Eastern Khanty. Degree awarded: 12 May, 2007.

Fleck, Dave. 2003. A Grammar of Matses. Degree awarded:10 May, 2003.

Lee, Jeong-hwa.Ý 1999. A Cognitive Semantic Analysis of Manipulative Motion Verbs in Korean with Reference to English. Degree awarded: 15 May, 1999.

Rasch, Jeffrey. 2002. The Basic Morphosyntax of Yaitepec Chatino. Degree awarded: 11 May, 2002. Research supported by NSF grant BCS-99000925.

Sexton, Amy Leuchtmann. 2001. Creating Characters and Reconstructing Texts: Evaluation in childrens' oral narrative retellings. Degree awarded: 12 May, 2002.

Spitz, Walter L.Ý 1997. Lost Causes: An examination of morphological causatives in two Philippine languages. Degree awarded: 10 May, 1997.

Tavares, Nila. 2006. A Grammar of Wayana. Degree awarded: 13 May, 2006. Research supported by NSF grant BCS-99050704.