of the town site
Bella Coola, British Columbia


The panorama is of the town site of Bella Coola, British Columbia.

This is the western half of the Bella Coola town site.

This is the eastern half of the town site including the Bella Coola Indian reservation.

This is the western-most portion of the town site. Salt walter is to the rear. Buildings on the far right include the Bella Coola Hotel and beyond it, the hospital.

Moving to the east, this shows more the central portion of the town site.

This shows the main intersection in Bella Coola. The street coming from the lower left is Mackenzie Street. It begins near the wharf and runs into the reservation, where it ends. The street crossing it is British Columbia Highway 20. Highway 20 runs to the upper left to the river, where it ends. It begins at Williams Lake, some 300+ miles to the east. There is a four-way stop sign at the intersection.

The eastern-most portion of the Bella Coola town site is occupied by the reservation. Before the late 1920's, the reservation in the valley was on the opposite side of the river (which continues to be part of the reservation). The northern side has the lower bank, and a disastrous flood was the impetus for moving to the south side. Some gardens are maintained on the other side.

This is a view eastward up the valley. The floor is less than two miles wide. The mountains range between 4000 to 6000 feet in height.